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CONNECT TO SAMPLING KONTAKT 4 is the industry standard sampler from Native Instruments. Its immense 43 GB sound library contains over 1,000 instruments, while the unique Authentic Expression Technology® and a host of other fresh features makes this the most playable and powerful KONTAKT yet. With the latest innovations it's probably the fastest sampler to work with: Background Loadingdramatically reduces startup delays and the Quick Load Menu delivers instant access to your patches. Brand new features of KONTAKT 4.1... ® Registered Trademark of Native Instruments GmbH KONTAKT 4 contains a rich and diverse sound library. Seven stunning Instrument Collections...

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KONTAKT 4 is the industry standard sampler from Native Instruments. Its immense 43 GB sound library contains over 1,000 instruments, while the unique Authentic Expression Technology® and a host of other fresh features makes this the most playable and powerful KONTAKT yet.

With the latest innovations it's probably the fastest sampler to work with: Background Loadingdramatically reduces startup delays and the Quick Load Menu delivers instant access to your patches.

Brand new features of KONTAKT 4.1...

® Registered Trademark of Native Instruments GmbH

KONTAKT 4 contains a rich and diverse sound library. Seven stunning Instrument Collections are included: Choir, Orchestral, World, Vintage, Band, Synth and Urban Beats – containing 43 GB of professional quality samples and over 1,000 instruments. Each and every sound is instantly accessible via the attribute-based browser. Every instrument in KONTAKT 4 features extended Performance Views with controls that group together all the important parameters for a super-fast and efficient workflow.

Library details...
Watch the library video...

KONTAKT 4 offers endless possibilities to really get inside your samples. You can easily edit, loop, slice and time-stretch your sounds and pitch shift them in real time or tempo-sync them with the powerful Wave Editor. Draw your own custom envelopes directly into the sample waveform to easily and precisely modulate any parameter, or use step sequencers and flex envelopes to tweak your samples. Refine your sound even further with any of the 19 versatile studio-quality effects such as the convolution effect for super-realistic reverbs, or use the powerful surround sound features for cinematic productions.

"I spent 11 months arranging and programming electronic textures and rhythmic elements for the score to 'Avatar'. Whether this was the delicacy of the woodsprites falling on Jake in the forest, or the impact needed for the flying and battle cues, KONTAKT 4 provided me with the ability to create and customize sounds in a way that no other sampler can approach. Kontakt was the core of my work on Avatar."

Simon Franglen, electronic music arranger for Avatar




The KONTAKT 4 update provides several major improvements and brand-new features that enhance the performance and ease-of-use for both new users and those already familiar with KONTAKT.

The new background loading feature improves your workflow: It makes opening large instruments incredibly fast, enabling you to play nearly immediately - without having to wait for all samples to be loaded. This applies to the stand-alone version of KONTAKT 4.1 and the KONTAKT 4 PLAYER as well as the plug-in versions.
Watch the video about background loading

The image on the left demonstrates the radically improved loading behaviour. (System used: Mac Pro, 2x2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 8GB DDR2 DIMM, external 1TB Firewire drive)

Details on background loading:

Instant access: Imagine loading a 3GB sample library such as SCARBEE MM-BASS and yet being able to continue working after mere seconds. KONTAKT 4.1 frees the user interface so you can start working right away instead of watching a progress bar.

Prioritized loading: Samples that have been played since the most recent loading procedure are the first to be loaded the next time the Instrument is recalled. This makes sure that the samples most relevant to a particular host project are the first to be available.

Playing while loading: During the loading process it is possible to play samples (e.g. via a MIDI keyboard) that haven't yet been loaded into memory. Whenever KONTAKT receives a MIDI note while the corresponding sample is not loaded yet, that sample will be loaded immediately. A small delay when playing the sample the first time may occur, affecting the timing of the concerned note.

This update delivers you complete and native 64 bit support for Mac®, Vista and Windows® 7. KONTAKT 4.1 can use virtually unlimited amounts of memory, which turns working with even the largest libraries into a pleasure. In other words: The times of 32 bit audio unit bridges in your 64 bit host are definitely over.

Note: KONTAKT's unique Memory Server technology on Mac still allows breaking free from the memory limitation even on 32 bit systems.

The new Authentic Expression Technology sees KONTAKT 4 radically redefining the authentic reproduction of acoustic instruments with all their dynamics and articulations, while adding completely new options for creative sound design. In addition to the traditional way of sampling different volume levels of an instrument statically, AET is able to capture specific spectral characteristics of samples and gradually apply them to another samples in real-time, allowing you to seamlessly “morph” between different instruments' characteristics. This breakthrough allows for a new level in expression and realism when playing a sampled instrument.
AET is especially powerful applied to solo instruments with sustained sounds - such as strings, brass, woodwinds, and choir: You can hold down a key and then seamlessly fade with the Mod Wheel between different articulations (e.g. trumpet playing with and without mute) or volume/dynamic levels with different harmonics.
It's often possible to merge the acoustic characteristics of different instrument such as the piano and celesta in real time, opening new horizons for creative sampling and new kinds of hybrid instruments.

Watch the AET video...

In addition to the six collections available in the previous version, KONTAKT 4 now includes a comprehensive Choir Collection, recorded exclusively for Native Instruments, providing a complete set of soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices in different setups.

Several instruments of the Choir Collection makes use of the new Authentic Expression Technology giving you a new level of control: the choir voices can seamlessly morph the vowels ("A-E-I-O-U") while holding a key/note, which is nearly impossible with other samplers.

In addition, the Orchestral Collection has been updated with a new Solo Strings section, taken form the legendary Vienna Symphonic Library, and a concert hall organ, while the Vintage collection gets the famedMellotron keyboard. Plus, all the e-piano samples from ELEKTRIK PIANO are included.

All in all, an extra 10 Gigabytes of new material enrich the KONTAKT library.

Watch the library video...

KONTAKT 4 comes with more than 300 new and professionally recorded impulse responses from a wide rang of rooms, concert halls, churches, speakers etc, to add super-realistic reverbs to your instruments or the sonic characteristics of high-quality hardware equipment (amps, speakers, hardware reverbs etc.).

The new impluse response samples are provided by Echochamber, Studiodevices and Acousticas.

PERFORMANCE VIEWS provide custom control panels, that make Instrument-specific settings available without having to switch to Edit mode. In KONTAKT 4, a much larger control panel is available so each instrument has more important parameters accessible, as well as giving each instrument a distinctive feel through the easy-on-the-eye graphics.

The enhanced KONTAKT Script Processor gives many more options for designing custom Performance Views and for controlling other KONTAKT areas such as the master section (when writing 'multi scripts').

It's never been easier to find the right sound or instrument. With the attribute-based browser you can search via keywords or browse by instrument type (bass, piano, strings).

The complete KONTAKT 4 library has been pre-tagged for your convenience. You can also create custom attributes to tag your instruments according to your own criteria.

Attribute-based browsing works for Instruments, Multis, Banks, Groups, Presets, and Samples.


New Lossless Sample Compression format 'NCW' with real-time encoding – reducing the size of samples by up to 50%. Instruments with high disk streaming load, such as Grand Pianos, benefit from the fact that less data has to be read from hard disk. Note that the complete KONTAKT library is delivered in uncompressed WAV format - the Lossless Sample Compression is just an option for your choice when you save instruments.


  • Redesigned Quick-Load feature: Gain instant and convenient access to all your patches. Customize it by creating your own folder structure and simply dragging and dropping any patch into the browser.
  • Improved Samples Missing Dialog: Remembers selection of the search folder for subsequent appearances. Avoids frequent use of the dialog well-known to all of you who have ever moved a project to a different folder.
  • Extended Memory Addressing: Full support for 64-bit memory addressing in both Windows and Mac OS X. This means you can load more than 4 GB samples into RAM in both stand-alone and plug-in mode.
  • Enhanced Sampling Engine: Completely re-designed sample playback engine.
  • Multi-processor support: True multi-processor / multi-core support.
  • Direct MIDI Learn: MIDI Learn function for all sliders and knobs including Performance Views.
  • Enhanced Library Management: Browsing and loading samples and libraries with visually enhanced library tab quicker and easier.
  • Further improvements: A bypass button for effect slots, localized info pane in six languages, improved automapping, Pro Tools compatibility under Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, aftertouch interpretation added to KSP, a Play cursor for Beat Machine mode in Wave Editor and enhanced REX file support.

AKAI S-x000/z8, AKAI S-1000/3000/5000/6000 and MPC are trademarks of Akai Professional, L.P. and used with permission.




    • 7 world-class instrument collections – 43 GB of sounds

    • Full-Featured Control Panel for each instrument

    • Groundbreaking new Authentic Expression Technology® for leading-edge true instrument simulation

    • New attribute-based browser and pre-tagged library

    • Universal import of virtually any sample format

    • 19 high-end effects

    • True 64-Bit compatibility on PC and revolutionary Memory Server for Mac

    • Library browser with new box view

    • Enhanced convolution effect with more impulse responses

  • Wave Editor for intuitive looping, slicing and editing with freely drawable envelopes and MIDI drag and drop



Windows XP (latest Service Pack, 32 Bit), Windows Vista/Windows 7 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64, 2 GB RAM

Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6 (latest update, 32/64 Bit), Intel Core Duo, 2 GB RAM

  • Stand-alone
  • VST®
  • Audio Units™
  • RTAS® (Pro Tools® 8 and higher)
  • ASIO®
  • Core Audio™
  • DirectSound®

Native 64-bit support for stand-alone and plug-in versions

1 GB free disk space / 48 GB for complete installation

Format File Extension
S-1000 CD-ROM
S-3000 / Mesa CD-ROM, .s3p, .sp, no extension (Mac)
S-5000 / S-6000 Program .akp
S-5000 / S-6000 Multi .akm
Z-4 / Z-8 Program .akp
MPC 5000 .akp
MPC Sound .snd*****
MPC Program .pgm*****
Esi .esi
Emax II  
TRITON *.ksc & *.pcg
K2000 / K2VX .krz
K2500 * .k25
K2600 * .k26
S-50 / S-550 .out
S-700 / S770 ** .out
EPS .efe
ASR-10 .efa
Pulsar STS Program .p
Pulsar STS Sample .s
Pulsar STS 5000 .sts
Drumagog .gog
MOTIF .xov
Format File Extension
Gigastudio 1-2.5 .gig
Gigastudio 3 .gig
EXS24 mkI .exs
EXS24 mkII .exs
Halion 1 / 2 program *** .fxp
NN-XT Instruments .sxt
REX 1 .rex
REX 2 .rx2
MACH 5 ******  
Mach 5 Bank .m5b
Mach 5 Preset .m5p
Mach 5 Performance .m5m
Soundfont 2 .sf2
Battery 1 .kit
Battery 2 .kt2
Battery 3 Kit .kt3
Battery 3 Cells .cl3
Reaktor .map
LM4 mk1 .txt
LM4 mk2 .fxp
DS-1 Unity **** .uds
SampleCell .ins, no extension / CD-ROM
BeatCreator .zgr
DR-008 Kits .zgr
sfz sample definition files .sfz
VSampler 1 - 2.5 .vsb
Format File Extension
Apple Loop .aiff / .aif
Acidized Wave .wav
mono / stereo .sd2
mono / stereo .wav
multichannel .wav
mono / stereo .aiff / .aif
multichannel .aiff / .aif
Format File Extension
Akai S1000 Disc proprietary
Akai S3000 Disc proprietary
E-MU Disc proprietary
Roland Disc proprietary
Ensoniq Disc proprietary
Kurzweil Disc proprietary
Mac HFS Disc (PC) proprietary

If you have a question regarding technical or registration issues, please be sure to read our NI KNOWLEDGE BASE KONTAKT 4 FAQs. Please note that you must be logged in to view this page.


Direct import from CD-ROMs is supported even if Windows or OSX cannot read these CD-ROMs
CD images can be imported in the formats .IMG, .ISO, .NRG, or .DMG
Import from floppy disks is not supported
Sound Designer 2 (SD2) files cannot be imported on PC due to PC incompatibility with Sound Designer files
On PCs, you can load SampleCell instruments only from a Mac HFS CD-ROM or from an image file created from such a CD-ROM. On the Mac, you can load SampleCell instruments either from a CD-ROM as on PCs or from a folder on a MAC formatted hard disk
24-bit or 20-bit disk-accelerated files are not supported (e.g. GigaStudio3 Piano)

* Only supported, if patch does not reference any ROM Samples from original keyboard
** Only image files supported. Please put these image files into the image folder
*** Halion 3 is not supported
**** Encrypted and encoded Unity libraries are not supported
***** Supported versions are MPC-60, MPC-3000, MPC-2000, and MPC-2000XL
****** Only compatible with MACH 5 v1 files, not v2

ASIO and VST are registered trademarks of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. RTAS and Pro Tools are registered trademarks of Avid Technology, Inc., or its subsidiaries or divisions. Mac and Mac OS are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Windows, Windows Vista and DirectSound are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Intel and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries. All other product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. All specifications are subject to change without notice.






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