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ECX 104

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Professional, high-precision stereo 2-way/3-way crossover with separate sub-woofer output World class performance 24dB per octave Linkvitz-Riley filters Absolutely flat summed amplitude responze, zero phase difference Separate sub-woofer section with independent frequency control Individual output level controls for all bands individual phase reverse switches for instant phase correction Switchable 40Hz low filter on each input for low-frequency driver protection servo-balanced, XLR connectors for all inputs and outputs Ultra low-noise audio operational TI084 amplifiers for outstanding sound performance High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction for long life...

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Connectors                                XLR

Type                                         Electronically servo-balanced, HF filtered

Impendance                              >50 Khom @ balanced, >25 Khom @ unbalanced

Max input level                          +22dB

CMRR                                       >40dB (typical), >55dB @ 1KHz



Connectors                               XLR

Type                                         Electronically servo-balanced

Impendance                              200 Khom @ balanced, 100 Khom @ unbalanced

Max output level                        +20dB @ balanced, +26dB @ unbalanced




Brandwith                                 20Hz to 20Khz         +/-0.5dB

Frequency response                  5Hz to 60Khz            +/-3dB

Signal noise ratio                      ref: +4dB, 20Hz to 20Khz, unweighted

Mode                                       stereo                      mono

Low output                               >93dB                     >93dB

Mid output                                                              95dB

High output                              >91dB                     >91dB

Crosstalk                                High to Low              <93dB

                                             High to mid               <94dB

                                             Mid to low                 <95dB




Filter type                             Likwitz-Riley, 24db/octave, state-variable

Stereo mode frequencies                  x1                           x10

Low/High                                         45 to 960 Hz            450Hz to9.6Khz

Mono mode frequencies                    x1                           x10

Low/mid                                         45 to 960 Hz             450Hz to 9.6Khz

Mid/High                                         45 to 960 Hz             450Hz to 9.6Khz




Mains voltage                                 AC110V/220V;120V;220V;230V Refer to the nameplate on the rear panel

power consumption                         <15W

Fuse                                              T500mA 250V

Mains connection                            Standard IEC receptable




Dimensions                                    apprpx 44.5mm x 482.6mm x 217mm

Weight                                           approx 3Kg


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