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2249 €


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The Mitus 118FSA and FSCA are cardioid arrayable and flyable subwoofer. Designed and manufactured by FBT’s renowned engineers and artisans, the Mitus 118FSA/FSCA is a prime example of audio perfection with ergonomic innovations.

2249 €

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The Mitus 118FSA/FSCA is a hybrid loaded 18’’ neodymium subwoofer designed to suspend from a MT-F 212 flybar either facing forward (FSA model) or rearward (FSCA model). The FSCA model is the version designed to be suspended rearward facing, equipped  with the protection grille on the new ‘front’ and the amplifier module on the new ‘rear’ of the enclosure. Thus, when creating a cardioid sub package, no additional hardware is needed to easily achieve sleek visual continuity as all the grille are visible from the front of the array and all the amplifiers module are on the back. This is a truly advantage in today most demanding installations where elegant aesthetic is a must.


  • Compact Hybrid band pass cardioid-arrayable subwoofer. Hybrid configuration permit to obtain extension and speed of vented with high SPL and acoustic filtering of band pass
  • Suspension hardware fully compatible with MITUS206La allowing the enclosure to be suspended front (FSA model) or rear-firing (FSCA model) for easy cardioid configurations
  • Very large area laminar-flow port to ensure no power compression and very low port turbulence
  • For cardioid configurations with one SUB rear-firing and two sub front-firing, more than 15db SPL  rejection can be obtained behind the array
  • 18’’ (460mm) custom B&C neodymium magnet high excursion woofer with 3.5’’ (88mm) voice coil
  • Frequency Response from 33Hz to 1Hz
  • Class D amplifier delivering 1200WRMS
  • Switch mode power supply
  • DSP with 8 presets, cardioid and with infra configurations, delay
  • Control panel with XLR input and link, volume, presets, delay, phase 0°-180°, ground-lift
  • 5/8’’ (15mm) birch plywood enclosure, scratch resistant black paint
  • Low frequency extension cabinet for the MITUS 206LA line array for flying or ground stacked configurations.
  • Very low profile for a 18’’ size woofer
Configuration: 1 Hybrid Bandpass way
Built-in amplifier LF/HF: 1200 W RMS
Built-in amplifier peak LF/HF: 2400 W
Frequency response: 33Hz - 100Hz -6dB
Low Frequency woofer: 1x18 - 3.5 coil neodymium inch
Maximum SPL cont/peak: 135/139 half space dB
Dispersion: omnidirectional HxV
Input impedance: 22 Kohm
Crossover Frequency: preset dependant KHz
AC Power requirements: 640 VA
Input connector: XLR with loop
Power cord: 5/16.4 m/ft
Net Dimension (WxHxD): 576x538x756 / 22.7x21.2x29.7 mm/inch
Net Weight: 45 / 99.2 kg/lb
Transport Dimension (WxHxD): 700x690x800 / 27.5x27.1x31.4 mm/inch
Transport Weight: 55 / 121.2 Kg/lb

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