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•This foot controller makes life easier for stage performers (musicians, etc.) 
•No need to use your hands, with this foot controller you can control almost all COB-4BAR functions very easily using just 4 pedals: The MODE 
Pedal: is used to select one of the 3 different working modes: COLOR, SOUND, PROGRAM
The UP / DOWN Pedals: are used to select the different program options.
The BLACKOUT Pedal: is used to switch the output off/on or to select the Full On function.

•A control knob on the back is used to set the sensitivity of the build-in microphone for the sound controlled mode.
•A 10m cable with two 5pin XLR-connectors is included
•For easy transport the foot controller can be stored in a special compartment of the carrying case. (case included with the COB-4BAR) 

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