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The JEM™ ZR45 is a high-end fog machine designed to deliver superior and uninterrupted performance in demanding professional applications. Via its enhanced and powerful 2,000 W heat exchanger, the JEM ZR45 produces an exceptional peak output ideal for major venues and stages in both install and rental markets. The rugged yet weight-optimized JEM ZR45 also features variable output control for more subtle effects and is fully up-to-date with digital remote, DMX and RDM.

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As the largest, most powerful model from the ZR series, the Martin JEM ZR45 easily fills up any type of room with dense clouds of smoke. It makes economical use of its fluid, so there's no need for constant refills throughout the night. Once the ZR45 has properly heated up, it's capable of operating continuously. Usually only hazers are able to do that, which makes this Martin smoke machine all the more special.

Martin JEM ZR45: complete control

The ZR45 puts you in total command of your show. Its output level, for instance, can be adjusted between 0 and 100% by means of DMX, or using the detachable display. That means you're able to switch from a light fog during a presentation to big clouds of smoke for the party afterwards. You'll be in complete control, creating just the right atmosphere.

The JEM ZR series

Martin's JEM ZR series consists of three smoke machines - the ZR25, the ZR35 and the ZR45 - which all meet Martin's high quality standards. The ZR smoke machines use their fluid economically, and are capable of operating continuously without any heat-up breaks. They can be controlled via DMX or used as a stand-alone device, making them a great addition to any show. Whether you're entertaining a small local pub or the crowd at a festival, with a Martin JEM ZR smoke machine you're ready to blow your audience away.

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