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HS 20

Šifra Proizvoda: 85727

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1605 €


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Kratak opis

The HS-20 is based on Tascam’s robust range of broadcast recorders, but built for the needs of contractors. The stereo recorder captures audio to SD or CompactFlash media and makes recordings available on a network for instant remote access. The unit’s network functionality is designed for automated recording and delivery without supervision.

1605 €

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The HS-20 can function as a file server so that recordings can be manually downloaded over a network. There is also client software to automatically upload files to a server on the user’s schedule, with the option to delete the files when finished. Automated recording and playback are available, while the internal clock is synchronized to any internet time server.

The HS-20 is equipped with solid transport buttons, a weighted jog/shuttle wheel, and a colour TFT touchscreen display. The rear panel includes balanced and unbalanced analogue connectors as well as SPDIF and AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs. RS-232C and parallel control interfaces are also provided. The unit records audio material to broadcast wave format files with resolutions up to 192 kHz at 24 bit.

Ideal for installations managed over a network, the HS-20 can automate and deliver your recordings to any server.

FTP client and time synchronisation included

  • The included FTP client function allows the user to move files using a network computer, or from the HS-20 unit itself.
  • After recording, the HS-20 can automatically upload recorded files to a designated server. This enables simple archive creation for recorded data. This is important for archiving regularly scheduled events like classes, lectures and performances. Since uploading occurs in the background, recording and playback operations are not interrupted.
  • The SNTP client functions of the HS-20 enable automatic synchronization of the date and time with an NTP server over the Internet. Automatic time synchronization can be set to occur whenever the unit is started, and every (24) hours.

Time-based event management

Event lists enable the automatic playback of files such as background music and announcements – useful in retail stores and restaurants. Utilize the event lists for scheduled recording, playback, downloading and other events. By combining playback events with download events, audio files can be automatically retrieved from a server for playback. The HS-20 FTP server functions also enable centralized file management from a corporate headquarters to multiple locations - perfect for playing files simultaneously in a chain of retail stores.

Touchscreen TFT color display allows intuitive operation

This unit features a touchscreen color display. The graphical user interface (GUI) is intuitive and easy to understand. Menus for inputs, outputs, and other settings are simple and on one screen. All parameters can be accessed by touching the screen and changing the settings. Compared to earlier displays that could only show small bits of information, this interface is complete and easy to use.

Support for 1000BASE-T gigabit Ethernet allows a wide range of operations

The HS-20 supports 1000BASE-T gigabit LAN and uses FTP (File Transfer Protocol) as its work protocol. It can be accessed from any system, including Windows, Macintosh and UNIX. Inclusion of FTP functions allows file transfers between CF/SD cards and servers. This enables various applications, including the loading of files onto a transfer system. In addition, this also provides an environment for remote control over a network. These features contribute to making systems and workflows more efficient. Since VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is also supported, you can use a VNC viewer application to operate the system from a computer by viewing the screen shown on this unit’ s LCD.


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